Cut the fences

Personal illustration on animal liberation for the activism project @unfuturoilustrado. We started this project to raise awareness about animal rights during these rough times of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the harshest moments of this coronavirus pandemic, we are overlooking something important… Bats, Ebola and Covid19; civets, SARS; chimpanzees, HIV; chickens, avian influenza; cows, mad cow disease… From the action #PorComerAnimales #IlustradoresEnAccion we want to make a call to draw a future without abuse, respectful, and healthy. For them, and for us.

We are in a moment of pause and rethinking. Therefore, as illustrators, we want to contribute with our vision to build a different, more coherent and sustainable world. A world without pandemics caused by animal exploitation, and worsened by the weakening of our immune system as a consequence of the reduction of the effectiveness of antibiotics in our body against bacterial infections, due to their massive use of these antibiotics in the livestock industry. We want to draw a less polluted world, a world in which biodiversity is not threatened.

Who is behind this action? All those who feel that a change is necessary in our production system, as well as stop exploiting animals for our consumption, as if they were objects. All the illustrators who love animals.

Project: UnFuturoIlustrado
Year: 2020

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