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19/09/2017 — 

Laura Wächter is a Spanish illustrator who recently gave an illustration workshop here at the Freepik offices. We thought we’d share with you, a little bit about Laura’s career as an illustrator and some info about her fantastic workshop!

Laura studied Fine Arts at the University of Granada. Later she specialized in teaching with a Master’s degree. Since then, she’s gained lots of experience in the fields of illustration, graphic design and even animation.

Her work has a very personal feel to it: she tries to portray her inner thoughts and feelings with her art, filling her illustrations with emotion and meaning. The main themes in her art are “intimacy, vulnerability and the absurdity of human life”.




You can activate the subtitles in English if you need to.

She realized, as she entered the professional world, that she was very interested in editorial illustration. She yearned for creative expression and loved the fact that the world of editorial illustration is made up of “many small stories you can get completely lost in, especially when you work for magazines, illustrating articles”.

In this workshop, Laura explained her method of working and her techniques. The workshop focused on digital painting in Photoshop, which is a refreshing change after working with vectors! Photoshop allows you to use brushes and textures to achieve a very painterly look, which is characteristic of Laura’s work.

More and more artists will participate in future workshops with Freepik, and we’ll be publishing the interviews with them so you can get to know them a little bit better and learn from their experience and their professional careers.

On Tutpad, as you know, you can find many tutorials and courses on digital painting, lettering, and more; but it’s also very interesting to experience a live workshop with fellow students in the same room. For those of you that don’t live near our offices in Málaga, don’t worry! – There are some surprises in store for the future 🙂

You can check out Laura’s portfolio to learn more about her here, and take a look at Tutpad’s latest courses if you want to learn some new skills!

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